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(no subject) [Dec. 14th, 2018|08:11 pm]
Hemlock B. Bootsalotta
Darrell is in Intensive Care.

Everything is terrible.

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80-year character limit [Nov. 26th, 2018|05:39 pm]
Hemlock B. Bootsalotta
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[mood |Animal Farm]

I should rename this blog to "I've been meaning to make an update but..."

So point form.

The Good
The job is going great. I got my yearly performance review last week, and it basically consisted of two managers sitting in a room and telling me how great I am for 10 minutes. Bonus & raise numbers haven't been finalized but they hinted that they asked for something good for me, so fingers crossed.

And the really part is that Axel is working again and oh my god I can't even tell you how much a relief it is to have that extra income. I've been holding my breath waiting for the financial juggling act to finally come crashing down around my ears and now maybe it... won't. I will be celebrating by replacing some of my more threadbare work clothes.

The Bad
I am soooo tired.

Work is kicking my ass.

House is kicking my ass.

I got kinda used to having people home during the day who could take care of stuff while I was at work. Axel used to make dinner most nights during the week, but since he's now getting home later than I do that's no longer an option. Me cooking during the week is just flat out not going to fucking happen, so instead I've gone back to cooking on weekends and packing containers into the fridge for reheating later. Sunday I had no fewer than four different things going at the same time. (Plus I made breakfast. I think for the foreseeable future I'm going to call it quits on making weekend breakfasts).

Meanwhile, poor D has been so sick. His doctor reduced his immune suppressants because long term use of those things is dangerous and he's been absolutely miserable. It's been like having the flu for going on a month with no relief in sight.

The Ugly
My province is a shit-show. My country isn't much better. I vote, I write letters, I sign petitions. I mostly avoid reading the news.

I feel like all I can do is keep plugging away.

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man, the 70s had a lot to answer for [Nov. 4th, 2018|11:40 am]
Hemlock B. Bootsalotta
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[mood |hoist by my own petard]

I was trying to give D a hard time and only succeeded in giving myself a Tony Orlando and Dawn earworm.

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NaDruWriNi 2018: The Cast of Characters [Nov. 4th, 2018|01:50 am]
Hemlock B. Bootsalotta

When I asked what I should write about, [personal profile] elusis responded, "How you got into the punk/goth scene."

It was a case of mistaken identity mostly.

When I was a teenager my sister and her friends were into bands like the Sex Pistols, the Clash, the Ramones, Teenage Head. I liked the Pistols OK and I thought the Clash and the Ramones were fine but I didn't really get why so many people thought they were the bst bands ever. (And I've never liked Teenage Head)

So you know, I thought punk music obviously wasn't my jam.

Then I heard The Demics and went, "Oh.".

And then I heard the Stooges and the Deadboys and went, "OH!"

Fast forward a few years when I was in University. It's in a small town outsdie of Toronto and there are a small cluster of weirdos at school and I get to know a few of them. There are also a number of weirdos who live in town who are not associated with the Unversity at all, and I get to know some of them when I shack up with one of them. Around that time we start seeing this group of younger kids around town who dress all in black and have very big(tm) hair and somebody tells me eh calls them "Curepunks" because apparently this is a Cure thing. And I think the Cure are OK, but not all that and a bag of chips so whatever floats their boat and I forget about it.

And then one day I walk inot class and I'm wearing my Carl McCoy hat with the conchos and my black duster coat and my pointy boots with the skull buckles all up the side nad one of my friends squints and me and says, "So... you're a goth then."

And that's the day I found out all about that.

So basically I'm just oblivious and keep tripping into these things while looking completely in the other direction.

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NaDruWriNi 2018: Lighting the Lights [Nov. 4th, 2018|12:08 am]
Hemlock B. Bootsalotta

Honest to Murgatroyd the reason I can't watch The Walking Dead even though everybody tells me how great the show is, is because of weird anachronisms like people driving. It's nine seasons in people. The gas has all gone off. Ravens have eaten all the walkers. They should be well int the rebuilding part of the story. Childbirth and appendicitis are the big nasties now.

Of course since I've never actually watched the show I might be talking out my ass here.

This isn't to criticise TWD, but more to say that my taste in television is often dictated by what I can ignore. I can watch a show A and there can be a metric assload of scenes where the writers just kind of handwave over logic and for some reason I'll be ok with that. But then for some reason I try to watch show B and my brain will fixate on something minor and say THAT'S NOT RIGHT and I just can't get past it. Another example, the show Outlander. Everybody identifies the main character as English from her accent, but in 1700 English people didn't sound like that. It shouldn't matter, but for some reason my brain fixes on it and it completely kills my suspension of disbelief.

Oddly, I'm more tolerant of bad writing when I'm reading it rather than watching it. As you have probably gathered if you've ever read any of the reviews I've posted, I can talk about how terrible a book is and still admit I finished it.

On teh other tentacle is writers who infodump all over you and explain every little thing. I can't think of any examples of that in TV right now - I guess lens flares are just more interesting in a visual medium - but I have read so many writers who do that. Ever read any Arthur Hailey or James Michener? They spend years researching their books. And you can tell.

Unlike me, who is going to spend years using research to put off writing my book, and then never actually use any of it. (This is only mostly a joke.)

I htink we're out of vodka.

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NaDruWriNi 2018: Set the Stage [Nov. 3rd, 2018|10:24 pm]
Hemlock B. Bootsalotta

Part of my research is end-of-the-world mythologies, so I've been pretty much slapping every religion I can think of into a search engine and looking for what they would consider to be the last chapter. A surprisingly large number of them are cyclical; we fuck up so badly everything catches fire and we start over from scratch, only hopefully with fewer assholes.

Then there's the Christians. Man, reading about Christian eschatology can take you down the rabbit hole of crazy faster than just about anything. Did you know there is a guy in the states breeding red cows to try and bring about the apocalypse? (Why the people who are most eager for the second coming to happen are the ones who are closest to the type of folks actual canon Jesus would launch himself at with a bullwhip, I don't know, but there it is.)

Unlike the Christians, finding out anything about indigenous beliefs about end of the world is close to impossible. There are a few academic journals hidden behind a paywall, and some quotes from a Hopi legend of dubious authenticity but that's about it.

Reading about the cyclical religions got me thinking about how often I have run into the theme of people leaving a dying earth in SF. Interstellar and the most recent incarnation of Lost in Space are the first ones I can think of in movie/tv form, but I'm sure I could come up with more examples if I thought about it while sober. It's really just an atheist version of the cosmic wheel.

Which talking about reminds me of some blog post I read once by some science journalist guy who swears he was brought into a private meeting of rich-heads who all quizzed him on the best way to survive the coming economic collapse and did he think a Mars colony was a viable option or should they just build bunkers instead. Where I guess they will eat all their cash money and stock options, I dunno.

And that just killed the vodka and tonic D made me after I finished the rum. On to the next chapter.

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NaDruWriNi 2018: Prologue [Nov. 3rd, 2018|09:35 pm]
Hemlock B. Bootsalotta

I had been toying with doing Nanowrimo this year. The story has been languishing since I finished it and I've finally been feeling the itch to go back and start working on the second draft.

Only I'm not sure how much actual putting of words on paper the second draft will entail. I papered over so many details with "I'll research this later" just so I could continue to churn out chapters. So maybe Nanoremo is the more acurate event title.

Not sure what I'm going to do tonight. I have eaten dinner, had a couple of beers and D just made me a glass of run and ginger beer.

So what should I write about?

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look ma, too many hands [Oct. 31st, 2018|05:01 pm]
Hemlock B. Bootsalotta
[Tags|, ]

Since today is Halloween, the social committee at my work wanted to everybody to come in costume. Initially I didn't intend to bother, but one of the committee members works with me and she was freaking out that everybody said they weren't going to dress up. So I got Axel to dig out the old smock from my Uncle Fester outfit, and a bent witch's hat from the basement and brought them to work. The hat smells like dust and I'm sure it's full of spider eggs.

On the topic of spiders, the lovely and delightful [personal profile] elusis was in town last weekend and I actually left the house and was social for a few hours. It just so happened that the ROM was hosting an exhibit on spiders so we walked around and looked at creepy crawlies on a Sunday afternoon.

And it was pretty cool. They had a ton of interactive exhibits and lots of live specimens in glass cases. We got the tail-end of one of their regular feeding times and we also watched a demonstration of venom milking from a fishing spider, which was fascinating. The displays included a gorgeous gold-coloured smock woven completely out of spider silk and an issue of Spiderman #1 that made [personal profile] bcholmes salivate. And I think I've finally identified the spiders that live in my basement. (The long-bodied cellar spider, if you're interested.)

When kicking-out time finally rolled around we dropped by Stormcrow Manor for a drink. It was only their second day open, so they still had some bugs to work out but it's a fun space. We were seated in the sea monster room and we took turns rolling a D20 for shots. (I ended up with a Pickle Rick. Not what I would have chosen on my own, so I guess that means the experiment was a success.)

And I think that's the longest stretch of time I've spent not either in my house or my work so far this year.

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2018 books: 31-34 [Oct. 24th, 2018|02:12 pm]
Hemlock B. Bootsalotta

a random collection of non-fictionCollapse )

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the Once and Future Gin Garden [Oct. 22nd, 2018|12:23 am]
Hemlock B. Bootsalotta
[Tags|, ]

Apparently this is what happens when somebody throws a bag of corn onto one of the high shelves and then just forgets about it for a couple of months.


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