Write Every Day: Day 2

I'm working overtime tonight so I'm not sure how much work I'll get done today. Doesn't help that my office is freezing right now. (It snowed last night and it's about 2 C outside right now. By Friday it's supposed to go back up to almost 20 C. Go home November, you're drunk.)

I do all my actual writing in Scrivener. (Which I love.) I started doing my research notes in there as well, but I found the flipping back and forth between notes and story was mucking up my concentration, so now I have the story open on my laptop while I take notes on loose-leaf paper that I can move around and add to at will. And then I had a couple of those "ooo, I know what I can do with that scene" moments when I was doing something else that I scribbled down on coloured post-its and stuck to my paper notes.

By the time I'm done this project I fully expect it to look like this:

A white man with a cigarette in his hand gestures in front of a board covered in paper and photos. Red string is strung across the board linking some of the pages. His expression is wild-eyed and frantic.

So today's question is how you do your actual writing? Do you write long hand, do you use word, or some other dedicated app? Do you use dictation software? (I've always wanted to try dictation, especially now that I have a private workspace.)

Day 2 Tally:
[personal profile] china_shop

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Let me know if I've missed your name. And participation is always open, so feel free to drop in any time.
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shock and awe

Write Every Day: Day 1

So my first topic is the most obvious one, what are you all working on?

I participated in NaNoWriMo - it must be four five years ago now. At the end of the 50K words I put it down and never looked at it again. In October I finally dug it up and blew the dust off it, and although I'm not crazy about a lot of it I think it has good bones and there is stuff here I can work with.

So November is all about the second draft for me. I've started on doing some of the background research and that's probably going to suck up the majority of this month.

Day 1 Tally:
[personal profile] china_shop, [personal profile] sylvanwitch, [personal profile] luzula, [personal profile] badly_knitted, [personal profile] trobadora, [personal profile] falkner, [personal profile] alexseanchai, [personal profile] silveradept, [personal profile] shadaras, [personal profile] sanguinity, [personal profile] thevetia, [personal profile] nafs, [personal profile] cornerofmadness, [personal profile] lferion, [personal profile] sakana17, [personal profile] alexcat, [personal profile] marvelouscity, [personal profile] saki101, [personal profile] yasaman, [personal profile] solo, [personal profile] auroracloud, [personal profile] phrenk, [personal profile] shopfront, [personal profile] brainwane, [personal profile] dreamwriteremmy This entry was originally posted at https://the-siobhan.dreamwidth.org/542501.html. There are comment count unavailable comments on this post. Please comment there using OpenID.

Write Every Day: Intro Post

(This entry is largely cribbed from other people's intro posts because why borrow when you can steal.)

What Is Write Every Day?
Exactly what it sounds like. Every month a different person plays host to a community who encourage each other to write on a daily basis. I think I first came across it when [personal profile] bladespark was hosting it almost a year ago. Some months it I write every day, some months I only manage a few entries, but it definitely encourages me to do more writing than I would have done otherwise.

[personal profile] zwei_hexen keep a list of past and future hosts here and there is definitely space for future hosts to sign on.

My job as a host is to post an entry every day, keep a tally of who is participating, and in general be encouraging and supportive. Some hosts post links, resources, and prompts. I'll try and do something to generate conversation whenever I can and if there is a topic you want people to talk about, by all means include it in your comment or shoot me a PM.

I will tag every post Write Every Day so those posts are easy to skip for people who are not participating.

Who can participate?
All are welcome to comment on any check-in post to say that you wrote that day. Or didn't, maybe you wanted to write and life got in the way and you want to talk about that. Victories, challenges, process, blocks - all are good topics to raise. If you'd like to cheer on or commiserate with someone else, please do - conversation is encouraged.

I gotta say, I have really enjoyed the interactions on other people's blogs while I've been doing this and I'm really looking forward to getting to know people a little better when the party is in my living room this month.

What kind of writing?
Whatever you like. If you want it to count, it counts.

How much do I need to write?
Any amount counts. The traditional minimum unit is an "alibi sentence" - a single sentence that lets you check in and say you've written today. But you don't have to write new words, either: research, editing, transcription, outlining, and other activities that get you closer to a finished draft all count. I plan to spend a lot of my month catching up on research that has been sitting in a first draft under a [look this up so it makes sense] tag.

How often do I have to check in?
Drop in or out at any time, or check in for several days at once, if you like. Just say what day(s) you're checking in for, so I can keep the tally straight.

What does the tally look like?
For each day, I list the people who checked in that day, and I publish the tally-to-date in every check-in post. (Please keep an eye on whether I got you down correctly!) You can use the running tally to recreate your performance for the month, but it's not going to be readily visible that one person wrote most days and another wrote only a few.

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it's the same desire to feel the fire

And now sleeping brain is back to "being dumped" and "on the subway without a mask" and "being dumped while on the subway not wearing a mask".

For fuck sake, brain.

On the plus side I was taking the subway to visit my Guelph peeps, so that part was nice. They were kind enough to lend me a bathrobe because I forgot to wear pants.

To be fair, the possibility of forgetting to wear pants when I leave the house is becoming less far-fetched by the day.


They offered overtime to my team this week and that doesn't happen very often so I'm grabbing all the hours I can. I am exhausted. Also it means I haven't had time to do any writing or anything else. It's been work, grab dinner, do dishes, try to do at least one household chore and then fall into bed. I have vacation at the end of the month, so if I can power through the next couple of weeks I get a break.

I'm planning on spending this vacation time writing, so it will be kinda like being at work but without the timesheets.


The Axe is back in the house full time and the cats are So. Happy.


Our "get the living room sorted" project hit a major snag because our cheap IKEA shelves didn't survive transplanting very well. IKEA loves proprietary screws that require a weird size of allan key and are made out of butter so they shred on contact. So now everything is piled on the dining table while we wait for the new screws we ordered to show up in the mail.

If it doesn't rain tomorrow maybe I'll patch up the front steps. And the battle against entropy continues. This entry was originally posted at https://the-siobhan.dreamwidth.org/542056.html. There are comment count unavailable comments on this post. Please comment there using OpenID.

what would JC do?

I keep thinking "Oh it's been about a week since I last posted, I should update with something" and then I look at my account and a month has gone by.

Time is from the Before Times. Or something. Not that I was ever good at updating before, mind you.


A late-night conversation[r] about supporting the companies that make the software we use led to me renewing my old DW paid account so I now have 60 icons pop back up. I scrolled through them and most of them are variations on a single joke. Prepared to be bombarded.

Gonna retire my John Cleese one though, turns out he's a TERF shitbag. So fuck him.

You know, there was a time when I really would have been saddened by that. He said some things about mental health and his own struggles with depression that were valuable to hear at a time when it was important to me and so I thought of him as one of the good guys. But at this point? So many people I have looked up to over the years have revealed themselves to be shitbags that I find I'm beyond caring. You're now in a position of privilege and oh look! You showed your ass. Into the dumpster with you. I'm too old and too bitter and I have no time or emotion to waste on you any more.


I took last week off work and I had so many plans for things I was going to do around the house. And I did none of them! I spent the week hanging with friends ([r] AND [d]) and playing video games.

It was entirely non productive and it was great.

Now I'm back at work and I feel like I've been rolled over by one of those big rolling machines they used to have on Coyote & Roadrunner cartoons. (What the hell were those even supposed to be for?)


Axe has apparently been having an allergic reaction to something at his AirB&B that made him itchy and miserable. He asked if he could come home a day early so he is currently passed out on the couch with a cat on him. Both he and the cat appear to be quite content with this situation.


[r]Remote. Do I even have to say that any more? I feel like this is important information for people to have if they might have to make decisions about my sanity ever. [r] for remote, [m] for in the same place but masked [d] for in the same place and not always masked but we stayed outside and made sure we kept a safe physical distance. I can have one [d] a fortnight, one [m] a week, and as many [r] as my brain weasels will let me. This entry was originally posted at https://the-siobhan.dreamwidth.org/541552.html. There are comment count unavailable comments on this post. Please comment there using OpenID.

gin palace do-over

We dug out the bundle-buggy and carted all the paint tins back to the paint store. They had made an error entering the recipe, which just meant adding a whole wadge of green to fix it. Even so it's not the same colour - our old walls were a bright forest green and this colour is a little darker, more of a moss green. I can only assume that the dyes have changed over the ten years since we first painted this place. Anyway, now that it's dried we quite like it so that worked out.

Of course I can now much more clearly see all the other parts of the house that really could use some paint repair, but that's a problem for future me.

Our living space has been rearranged and it's an unusual setup - the computers are right by the front door and the "living room" with the couch and television is at the back. But it means Axe will be sitting next to a window while he works, and since we eat most of our meals in front of the television anyway, this setup has it closer to the kitchen. The dining table takes up the entire centre of the room. It will probably be a while before it's used for dining, but it can be a workspace for all the half-finished projects that have been sitting around taking up space because we haven't had a place to work on them. Maybe I can finally dig out my sewing machine and clean out that big box with "for repairs" scrawled on it in sharpie that's been sitting in my bedroom for years.

Sunday I go back to work. It hasn't been a vacation really, but it's been productive time and there have been beers and takeout on the front porch so I'm pretty cheerful about it. I still have three weeks of vacation my boss wants me to use up before the end of the year, so I've booked another week in October and I think I'll take the last two in November. Maybe I'll do Nanowrimo again this year. This entry was originally posted at https://the-siobhan.dreamwidth.org/540443.html. There are comment count unavailable comments on this post. Please comment there using OpenID.

things i should have seen coming

The Gin Palace has been re-organizing a bit - I have some of my mother's new furniture, we have set me up with a permanent office upstairs away from the cats, and we have given away Carlin's old tank. So it made sense to shuffle the furniture around and try to find a configuration that works a little better in the space we have.

And since we're moving all the furniture anyway, hey, why not fix the paint, which has definitely seen better days.

So Friday was spent packing everything up - emptying out every bookcases, shelf, filing cabinet, desk, and drawer. Boxes were stacked next to the bed, filling my office, and taking up all the floor space in the kitchen. All the furniture was stacked in the middle of the room, away from the walls.

Saturday we pulled down all the shelves. I walked around the room with a tube full of ready-mix plaster and filled in every hole, ding, gouge and crack. We took all the cover plates from the plugs and light switches and stacked them in a box where we can find everything once we're done.

Today, finally, were were ready to start painting. I covered all the spackle with primer while Axel taped off all the corners and spread drop-cloths throughout the house. I dug out all the rollers and brushes while Axel pulled the lid off the first can of paint.

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shock and awe

yesterday's guest star

I was sitting at my desk yesterday and something big buzzed by my head. I lost track of it until later when I was in the bathroom and happened to raise my eyes to the top of the door. Not a great position to be in when one discovers that something very large and spiky is sitting there watching you. (At least I wasn't asleep this time?)

So last night's google search was for "insects with a long spike coming out of the back".

Turned out to be a female ichneumon wasp. Harmless to humans, lethal to ash borer larvae. We caught her and put her outside. This entry was originally posted at https://the-siobhan.dreamwidth.org/540040.html. There are comment count unavailable comments on this post. Please comment there using OpenID.