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there's a world outside - Hemlock B. Bootsalotta [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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there's a world outside [Apr. 29th, 2017|12:37 pm]
Hemlock B. Bootsalotta
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[mood |don't waaaaannnnnnnnnnnnaaaaaa]

Apparently Shoppers Drug Mart is now selling homeopathic remedies. I picked something new off the shelf and it wasn't until after the receipt was long gone that Axel read the fine print on the packaging. This is fucking annoying. I tend to assume that something I buy at a drug store has an actual active ingredient of some kind. Apparently not.


I read this article yesterday about scientist who been successfully inclubating lambs in an artifical womb. It's being researched as a therapy for severely premature babies who usually have serious health defects as a result of not cooking long enough.

So that's pretty cool on it's own, but the comments were full of people talking about what will happen once the technology progresses to the point that an artifical womb can be used for the entire process. Some people had some interesting things to say. But the one thing that I totally disagreed with was the number of people who said this would embraced by the pro-life camp as an alternative to abortion. I'm convinced the exact opposite will happen. Because if a woman can put the unwanted pregnancy into an artifical womb and hand it off to somebody else then she's not being punished nearly enough for having had sex, and that's really what the organized pro-life movement is all about.

On the plus side it will probably get rid of the "she shouldn't be allowed it's my baby too" MRA types, because in the vast majority of those cases they don't actually want the kid either.


I'm on my second week of working overtime and I'm logging into the systems right now and don't waaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.


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[User Picture]From: ashbet
2017-04-29 05:14 pm (UTC)
Totally agreed with your assessment on the anti-choice and MRA views on uterine replicators. It would very much put their hypocrisy on trial -- then again, I have no problem with that ;)

(As someone for whom pregnancy almost killed me twice, as well as putting me through the hell of 9 months of hyperemesis gravidarum and ending in an early induced labor due to pre-eclampsia, I would have absolutely been willing to undergo surgery and use a uterine replicator for part of gestation -- if the technology were mature, which it isn't at the moment.)

-- A <3
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